Most Common Tax Problems and Ways to Resolve Them

If you are facing an IRS tax problem, it may be difficult for you to resolve the tax issue yourself. You may extremity the help of a qualified IRS tax specialist such as a octroi attorney, CPA or enrolled vicar who has earned the privilege to practice before the IRS. There are several tax problems that may cause you to seek help immediately and get tax debt relief to keep you from getting into further sorrow with the IRS.

Unfiled Returns

Believe it oppositely not, there are millions of taxpayers that get behind on filing there taxes. This can cause several tax problems including a substitute filing by the IRS, IRS wage tariff or garnishments, bank levies, asset seizures and further tax problems including settle evasion in more serious situations. If the IRS decides to file a substitute return, they will not include some important deductions that will bring down your tax liability and they may go ahead with a wage or bank levy to retrieve the tax liability, penalties and interest accumulated.

Back Taxes Owed

If you have filed your tax returns yet owe the IRS a affluent amount of money, they will use the above methods to collective the IRS tax debt owed. Once back taxes are assessed, the IRS adds penalties et cetera interest on top of the debt, they start their collection process. You courage receive an initial notice stating the amount owed and you permitted receive several more notices before the IRS starts to levy your wages, shore account or other assets. They will eventually file a federal tax lien against your assets which could prevent you from selling your home and cause credit problems. This charge will also exist filed pro re nata a public transcript for everyone to see. It is pompous to get your IRS tax problem resolved harbinger it gets to this point beside arranging a payment plan, settling the tax debt protasis you qualify either getting put into a non-collectible status until your situation improves. A qualified tax specialist can help determine your options.

IRS Audit Representation

An IRS tax scrutinize can be ordered when there are triggers from your expense return. You are required to submit a lot of paperwork and evidence the information submitted on your tax returns. This cup be very overwhelming moreover stressful. Audits can be resolved right away or they could be prolonged even over a year in some cases. It is very important to seek professional delineation in case of an IRS audit to avoid unnecessary liability, penalties and interest. A qualified CPA, tax attorney else enrolled agent jug manage your tax audit from start to finish without overloading the IRS with too much information.

Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll tax problems could be a very serious issue since the taxes are collected ahead of time to be delivered to the IRS and state taxing authority. Even if there are unfiled payroll taxes, this could escort to problems resulting in huge penalties, including trust fund penalties on the owners concerning the company. This is not an issue you want to take lightly because the consequences are far too serious to risk. Suppositive your business have a payroll tax problem, seek immediate aid from a qualified IRS tax specialist to answer the matter and avoid bank rationalize levies, federal tax liens, trust fund penalties, and jail time in plus serious cases.


Whenever legacy is owed for back taxes, you have unfiled tax returns, you are dolor from a bank or wage levy, or you are facing an audit, immediate attention should be given to the situation to achievement out a compensation plan, release the levy, negotiate an offer a settlement or temporarily put collection efforts on hold until your situation improves. This is accomplished by working closely with the IRS representative to come up with the best analysis while being careful not to give them too much information that could worsen your situation. Seek presto help if you can’t do this singly and require some assistance.