How to Treat Hair Thinning Problems Non-Surgically?

Hair thinning receptacle be due to many reasons. Primarily it can be divided into fronto-vertex plus diffuse hair thinning.

The fronto-vertex hair thinning typically occurs in hair problems like the male sequence thinning and female pattern thinning.

They are termed as androgenetic alopecia which is a condition related to one’s genetics and the hormones.

On the other end diffuse hair thinning problem occurs due to deficiency of iron in the assemblage which in turn causes iron lack anaemia.

There are ways to improve the hair thinning which occurs in either of these conditions and the magical treatment which works on these conditions is ANAGROW.

Anagrow is a swiss management which works on the principle of plant stem cells which are extracted from the swiss apple, argon and pea plant.

Nano-lipobelle pepsin is including added up in these extracts to improve the results of the treatment. There are 3 steps of this treatment…

1. Ultrasonic Detoxification of the scalp.

2. Vaculase.

3. Penetration of active stem cells to the deepest floor of the skin among the help of sonopheresis.

Now that we give got a first hand philosophy about the 3 steps of the Anagrow, lets get into the detail of the 3 steps right away.

1. Ultrasonic Detoxification of the scalp.

This step helps to remove the dead skin cell of the scalp and it also helps in removing of the excess of sebum excreted on the scalp so that the penetration of the caulescent cells takes pinpoint in the excel manner and the results of the procedure further improves.

2. Vaculase.

In this step the laser rays are emitted which helps in improving the serum supply of the scalp.

The laser rays which are used in this treatment are based on the LLLT technology.

3. Penetration of active stem cells to the deepest layer of the skin with the help of sonopheresis.

This is the most important step of the remedy in which the active plants stem cells extract and the nano enzyme is constructed to penetrate the inmost layer of the scalp so that it reaches the dermis layer and further improves the growth of the hair near 85%, helps in restoring hair regeneration close 78% and decreases the hair fall via 56%.

When one goes for this treatment regularly on a monthly basis they start seeing difference in the thickness of their hair and the length of their hair in 6 applications. But to stop the full course one needs to complete the 12 sessions to get the desired results.