There are some problems you have to face while learning Engish

It’s not a confidence that knowledge English language is not an easy task. Everybody is trying to Study General English as fast as possible without any troubles and difficulties, however, when it comes to the usage of discipline itself, different problems arise with it, you name it:

You cannot pronounce foreign words the selfsame way the native speakers do and get frustrated trying to make certain sounds to be right.

You just can’t understand why despite all the efforts you put towards memorizing new vocabulary, they just seem to vanish when you need them.

The grammar rules you study justice seem to disappear from your memory once you start to talk.

You have troubles in understanding native speakers instead you lack confidence in your speaking and often get stuck unable to say anything when you confront native speakers, and you conceptualistic that learning a foreign language is just too hard and there seems to be no enjoyment in it.

English pronunciation, grammar, orthography and phraseology usage are the most popular areas to make mistakes. Very common on the early stages of learning English, students think in their indigene languages and then transcribe it to English, which is a direct way leading to the mistakes.

In general, the most common problem in learning a foreign language is subconscious – increased goals are foes to the learners. Most of the students want to pronunciation English fluently et alii very fast, without accent and making mistakes. They deficient to have an ideal pronunciation and correct sounds. Students pay lots of complaisance to intonation but forget astir Grammar rules and the use of vocabulary. Sometimes trying to remember the rules, students forget to understand them first. Memorizing and again inability to use correct Grammar in practice resulting in loss of interest to the language.

Only the systematic learning of all the language aspects can provide successful learning of the foreign language.

Another language difficulty is spelling. English language spelling is well-known close the world. Sometimes it is rather difficult to remember, exactly long spelling and very short pronunciation, similar in the case with the word ‘daughter’- eight letters and only four sounds. Often the pronunciation of the words is different, the synonyms are not amiable to find, connective the verbs are practical to learn.

English Language Courses in Great Britain propose different ways to make the process concerning learning less stressful. Mastering the skills like reading, writing, listening and speaking is the best way to minimize the influence of the native language interference. Each teacher has some special secrets und so weiter inventions how to motivate the learners to collaborate and help develop their creativity during the lessons and speaking activities.

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