What Foot Problems Can A Pain Clinic Treat?

Our feet take an awful beating. They pound the pavement bearing our weight, often in shoes that make the job a lot harder and more painful than it should be. And they obtention little respect. Few people mind say they love their feet, but given all that they do for us, we should all love our feet and take good care of them. Unfortunately, we usually don’t realize that until we have developed a problem so unbearable it sends us to the pain clinic. So what are some of the things that go wrong with our feet to aim so much trouble and misery? While our feet can permit all sorts of misfortune, here are some of the problems that receptacle be treated at a pain clinic.

> Plantar Fasciitis: Heel pain that is worse when you first get up is the hallmark of this condition, which affects the plantar fascia. That is the connective tissue that runs from the toes to the heel bone. When this tissue becomes irritated either inflamed it can be quite painful. Plantar fasciitis cup affect men but is more common in women. Risk factors include spending long hours on your feet and ontic overweight. Shoes can toy a mature role. Switching from high heels to flats often and wearing poor quality or passe out shoes can lead to plantar fasciitis, and your foot’s structure can again pre-dispose you to this condition.

> Arthritis: Arthritis can affect any joint in your body, including the many joints in your feet. Gout is a form of arthritis that commonly affects the big toe and primarily affects men. It happens when excessive uric acid in the body crystallizes in the joints. Osteoarthritis can also strike the feet, and is roughly caused handy wear and tear from overuse, obesity and/ or aging. Because there are more than 100 different types like arthritis, it is important to get a specific diagnosis so your travail management plan can effectively treat the form you have.

> Tendonitis: The Achilles tendon, which joins along the muscles in the calf to those in the foot, is vulnerable to tendonitis. This is basically when the band becomes irritated and/ or injured. It vessel be caused slowly by excessive repetitive motion or suddenly by injury. Stretching und so weiter warming up properly before exercising, including playing sports, tin help prevent tendonitis.

While dance unhappiness can pelt for any number of reasons, several types about foot pain endure one common cause or frustrating factor: your shoes. Whatever type of shoe you wear should fit well. Wearing shoes that are too tight will cause injury to your feet terminated time. Poor quality or badly worn extinguished shoes also harm your feet. And of course, high heels are a common culprit. If they must be worn, they should indigen saved for special occasions rather than worn every day.