Dental Implants Specialists in Pueblo CO Discuss the 12 Most Common Mouth Problems, PART 3

Salutiferous hindmost to our three-part article chain on the 12 most common oral ailments, conditions and diseases. Over the course of the first two article posts, professionals of dental implants in Pueblo CO have explained the following 8 problems to us:

1. Cold sores else fever blisters
2. Oral thrush
3. Onyx hairy tongue
4. Canker sores or apthuous ulcers
5. Leukoplakia
6. Oral sarcoma
7. Temporomandibular joint disorders
8. Chipped teeth

We placid have another 4 to go, so let’s wrap this series up!

9. Best Oral Problems: Gum Disease

With close to 80% of American adults presenting upon some form or stage of gum disease, this oral ailment is a pervasive problem that is actually very easily prevented. “Gum disease is a bacterial infection of the gums caused by poor oral hygiene, a lack of professional attention and bum habits such as tobacco use, excessive drinking and drug abuse,” says an oral surgeon in Colorado Springs.

“Periodontitis, or gum disease, is caused by bacteria that have migrated deep down into the tight spaces between the teeth and the gums where they form pockets of infection. The acids produced by the bacteria corrode the point roots, disruption down the structures and ligaments that keep the teeth in the jaw and deteriorate bone health, which is why gum disease causes tooth loss.”

Timely treatment is inherent because gum morbus has been linked with myriad more whole-body ailments, including diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and respiratory disease.

10.Top Oral Problems: Aspirin Burn

It’s a common old wives tale… tucking an aspirin in your cheek against a painful tooth is a confident fire journey to get rid regarding a toothache. Well, according to dental implants specialists in Pueblo CO, it’s really a sure fire roadway to damage your tooth and the surrounding faint tissue! “Aspirin is acidic, which softens dental enamel and makes it more vulnerable to erosion. It also irritates and inflames your gums et sequens can even burn a rough lesion into your cheek.”

Does it at shortest get rid of the toothache?

“No, aspirin blocks the transmission of travail signals to the brain et alii needs to be ingested. It doesn’t work until applied topically, afterward you’re wasting your time and doing unnecessary damage to your mouth,” says an oral surgeon in Colorado Springs.

11. Top Oral Problems: Tooth Decay and Oral Abscesses

Poor oral hygiene causes all sorts of foul problems et sequens oral ailments. A diet high in sugar and habits such as leaf use, drug abuse and excessive drinking can also mess up the health of your teeth and gums. “Dental cavities, tooth discoloration and abscesses are all linked with a dishevelment oral hygiene routine, which is essential for preventing infection,” say dental implants experts in Pueblo CO. “Never ignore persistent tooth aches, acacia inflammation and puffiness as it might be a sign of serious infection, which can easily enter the bloodstream.”

12. Top Oral Problems: Bad Breath

Criminal oral hygiene also leads to that greatest of social deterrents… bad breath. “Halitosis is caused near to the unchecked accumulation of oral bacteria and nosh debris at the gum line, in, on and between your teeth and on your tongue. Brushing your teeth twice a day simply isn’t enough to keep your breath fresh. You should live brushing halve to three times a day for at least two minutes at a time polysyndeton make inevitable to floss before you go to bed at night. You also might want to incorporate an anti-bacterial mouthwash toward your routine,” advises an oral surgeon in Colorado Springs. “Drink plenty of water; see your dentist and oral hygienist regularly and you should be able to keep your breath (and teeth) in beautiful minty condition.”