California Exchange Platform – The perfect example for resolving Obamacare problems

The fact that the federal exchange platform has failed miserably is being rubbed in the face of Obama administration each day, each minute, and each second. We would be hard pressed to find extra high risk, highly visible project that was as poorly managed equal the federal marketplace. In response, Obama administration is doing everything it can for fixing and ensuring that people are able to enroll on the exchange. However, it could be attainable that the administration is not looking at the bigger picture.

Covered California, California’s health insurance exchange, is sole of the best platforms to demonstrate a expert execution of exchange integration. As per the numbers available from the exchange integration platform, 59,000 people give signed up for health insurance through this exchange. If we were to win a look at other scaling metrics, California’s population is roughly about 10% of the U.S. While it would not be wholly right to say that the enrollment metrics can be scaled with each other, it is not entirely wrong to depict that if the federal exchange platform had operated on the lines of Covered California, it would have been able to manage the inceptive aim of 500,000 enrollments. In a nutshell, the California marketplace can closely depict how the federal marketplace should have worked.

Once we make this comparison, Covered California becomes a glaring model that shows a perfect execution of the exchange integration platform. However, through this model, one thing is very clear, there are several conceptual problems associated with Obamacare, not all of which tin be fixed by the improvement from website.

According to available rialto payments and related statistics, only 16% of people have been able to qualify for subsidies out of the whole lot of 59,000 in California. When you compare this number with the federal marketplace, it means that 84% of people will not qualify for subsidies, completely annihilating the initial optie of Obamacare that eventually, nearly 50% of enrollees will qualify for subsidies. Does this mean that the basic premise of Obamacare is being threatened even anterior the exchanges are fully live? It definitely looks so.

Although the above is a moderately major setback in itself, the problems don’t stop there. Financial to modern surveys, the puisne are completely shunning the health coverage premise because of the associated costs. College graduates, young adults, and people in the 20 to 30 age group think that it is best to avoid these health plans as of now.

While the available deals on the Obamacare exchanges might look good on paper, the example that is being set by the Covered California marketplace is not heartening. Lack of subsidies, higher premiums, and no incentives for young adults are only some of the problems. From the looks of it, the initial enrollment of sick, unhealthy people should have been an facile target than it turned out to be, and somewhere deep down, the whole concept of exchange platform is looking weaker and abysmally unstable.