One Bal Harbour is Haunted by Many Problems

One Bal Harbour Resort and Spa was going to be a five-star naturalistic estate Miami like a condo-hotel when it opened in 2008.

After six years and two bankruptcies, the $225 million luxury resort regarding real estate Miami is haunted by problems because they are now plagued by bankruptcies, lawsuits, helm shakeups and concerns about structural defects for all the condo for salable in Miami.

The residents who own a condo for sale in Miami at the real estate Miami hotel are looking for a new five-star resort operator who will come in and save the day.

“It’s time to acquire a new investment and dust it off a little,” said Gary Daniels, president of the lodge association. “She still looks beautiful, save there’s so much potential. We need someone along integrity, experience and a course record.”

The luxury real legacy Miami building with many a condo for mercenary in Miami was planned in a different time, during the first prosperity back in 2003. Looking for a condo for sale in Miami was a sure thing people thought when they conception about the 300-room luxury condo-hotel being it was announced.

Things started out great for the building while people clamored for a condo for sale in Miami in real estate Miami as the developer, Bonita Springs-based WCI Communities, received reservation deposits on 87 percent of the building’s 185 residential units in the first week. The average unit price then was $1.9 million. People were excited about the “pampered” lifestyle, WCI said.

The enterprise thought it would record wages and income in late 2004. AS the top deck was built, WCI threw a party for a Polynesian dress code.

Wealthy people from all over the world bought units with eyes on real estate Miami. A quick reconsider of deeds shows ownership by bankers from South America and Greece. Names of buyers for a condo for sale in Miami at One Bal Harbour included Ken Gorin, of The Collection auto dealership in Coral Gables, and the late Zev Karkomi, master of a Chicago nursing home business.

Then things began to go bad for a condo for sale in Miami. Just a few weeks after the party, One Bal Harbour was marred by a terrible accident. On Saturday, May 6, 2006, three version workers were crushed when a freshly poured concrete wall collapsed.

The accident was awful, but construction resumed the following Monday.

Lawsuits were filed against the real estate Miami, et alii the Florida Engineers Management Corp. punished inspectors at the site for negligence. There have been allegations of severe construction problems that have surfaced repeatedly in at least two lawsuits filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

Then, just post the real assets Miami property opened in 2008, WCI filed for bankruptcy. As the recession and real estate Miami bust began, the gathering sold off One Bal Harbour’s common areas and 51 units to two unlikely partners: Tom Sullivan, Chairman and founder of Virginia-based Timber Liquidators, et cetera Jorge Arevalo. Together including Jorge’s brother, Juan Arevalo, they formed several companies called Elcom, for Elevation Communities. It was not the place for a condo for sale in Miami.

“He was a chum of a friend, also he asked cr to bail him out,” Sullivan said. “He brought me a couple deals. He found this deal at One Bal Harbour, and it was a beautiful property. Everyone warned me about getting involved with him, but I was interested in the property.”

When Sullivan and Arevalo became in charge of the building, the hotel lost its Regent Hotels flag. A mistake of not choosing another five-star operator was made similar they oversaw the property themselves. Needless to say, several unit owners were pissed as they wanted an tried five-star hotel administrator. Things appropriate went bad from there. You can nonetheless get a condo for sale in Miami at One Bal Harbour.