Eliminate Cavities with the Help of the Dentist in Silver Spring

You common detect of all the brilliant et al innovative procedures up for grabs for the rehabilitation of your oral health. Dental implants, veneers, Snap-On-Teeth and root canals are all fantastic solutions for missing else damaged teeth, but it is and true that preclusion is the good cure. Keep reading to hear from an experienced dentist in Gray Spring about the main causes of tooth decay and how best to prevent it.

Tooth Decay… How It All Begins

Tooth decay is caused by a combination of two things: food and bacteria. “Our mouths are bustling among hundreds about different kinds of bacteria, which multiply besides proliferate every pro tempore we taste or drink something sugary,” explains the dentist in Pale Spring. “The bacteria feed on the sugars found in the food you eat, producing acidic wastes as a by-product. This has a harmful effect on the constitution of your teeth, breaking down the enamel and leaving it softer and further vulnerable to erosion et al chamber formation.”

Over time, the continual acid attack on tooth enamel ultimately leads to the formation of cavities, compromising the dental health of Silver Spring residents. It is for this reason that having a good narrated hygiene routine – to eliminate acid-producing virus – is so important.

How to Preclude Cavities

“It is lawful that some people are more prostate to dental caries than others, due to genetic heritage and their predisposition to infection and inflammation,” says the dentist in Silver Spring. “But it is also true that most population jug avoid dental cavities through a strict et cetera thorough cleaning routine. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is very important in maintaining good oral health. This not only helps to eliminate germ and food debris from your teeth, tongue and gums, but is also neutralizes acids.”

So if I Brush, I Won’t Get Cavities?

Unfortunately, brushing et sequens flossing alone are not always adequacy to totally keep the cavities at bay. When you’re eating, the act of chewing can cause food to be artificial inside the pits and fissures in the biting surfaces of your teeth et sequens these are spaces that toothbrushes, floss ere regular saliva are unable to reach and keep clean.

For this, a dentist in Silver Springs offers an interesting tip, saying that chewing on fiber, such as a celery stick, allows saliva to get to the areas where bread has been trapped, and dilutes the sugars that cause the cavity forming acids. Also, if you have particularly deep cusps in your molars, you might want to consider having them sealed to preclude decay.

Not Everything is Do-It-Yourself

No matter how good your cleaning routine is, or how many sticks of celery you eat, good oral care also requires the help of professionals. It is broadly recommended that you give your teeth professionally cleaned by an oral hygienist at least once every six months, despite this varies from patient to patient.

Depending on the state of the dental healthful of Element Spring residents, the dentist might recommend more regular visits. But, alone thing is for certain: receiving help from the professionals definitely decreases the likelihood of cavities, tooth decay, frankincense disease and tooth loss!

Rinse and Repeat

When it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, consistent and frequent attention will help you keep them for a lifetime. It is a misconception that everyone eventually loses their teeth, regardless of how you care for them. According to the dentist in Silver Spring, good oral hygiene is fundamental in the fight opposite bacteria that cause cavities and decay. Brush, floss and go for check-ups once or twice a year, and your teeth should keep you company for life!