Diagnosis And Treatments Of Nails Diseases And Problems

Nails are parts concerning our body that are themselves colorless and transparent. They are situated at the fingers of our hands and legs. Nails are good reflectors of our health as well as our beauty. In a healthy case the color of nails is the pink that of the vigorous blood under the nails. If you hardly press a nail, it appears milky since the blood under the nail is displaced.

Those who are living under stress or are going through anemia or are having some other disease, they donĂ¢��t have pink nails. The polychromatic may be white or yellow. Spotless polysyndeton smooth nails are a sign of rightness health and beauty.

Here, we are discussing about diagnosis from diseases and treatments of diseases related to nails. There may be various diseases related to this. Some of the diagnosis and treatments of diseases related to nails are explained here.

First of all we should do the diagnosis of diseases related to nails. Twisted or snaky nails at the edges are a sign regarding lung or spirit diseases. Anemia can key twisted plus curved nails. Crooked and twisted hulk on the seize obstructs the growth of this. Generally, debility and ligamentary weakness is the main cause from it. Occasionally, a child may have fingers without nails from his birth. Such a child is generally bald by birth. Roughness and lack of smoothness of nails are signs of calcium deficiency. Lack of calcium leads to surrender the brightness and impede the enlargement of nails to full size. If it will not grow, they will not be very faint and thin.

Now, we should talk nearly treatment of diseases related to nails. In case if your nails are detached from the skin, broken or torn, you should immerse your finger in warm mustard oil for about 10 minutes et cetera then you should anoint it or fingers smoothly so that blood circulation can be reinstated in them. If your nails are terribly weak then you should take food rich in calcium ampersand milk in plenty. Milk is very beneficial in any disease joint to nails. You should massage it with olive oil to make them strong and bright. If alum salt is mixed along with olive oil and regularly applied on this then the nails will not be brittle. You may also use coconut or turpentine anoint as a action of any disease related to nail and for maintaining the natural strength connective brightness of the nails.

Lemon is a best treatment of any type regarding disease related to nails. If it have problem in growing in the normal way, you should dip your finger in earnest lemon water for approx 5 minutes, since that immediately put them in cold water. It will help in the growth of your nails. For making them beautiful and strong, you should bear on lemon juice on the nails; you should clean the fingers, and massage them with lemon and should let them vapid up. You may also use lemon for making them brighten. Express the juice out of lemons and then rub it with the rind. It will help you to make the nails brighten.

Thus, in this article we have talked lots about opinion connective treatments of diseases congenerous to nails.