Some basic steps to resolve printer problems and printer issue by your own

Sometimes we face lot of issues while installing a freshness printer whether it is wired printer or wireless printer too here we are going to discuss some basic easy steps to decision your printer issues


One can face troubles while installing a wired printer so here are some steps to install wired printer

Step one: first of all combine your printer to the computer by the cable and turn on your printer, if the computer says it’s connected then you are ready to go, but if the computer is refusal showing any connection,

Ensure that the Ethernet cable is plugged condition a live port.

Try using a different Ethernet cable.

Second – If you are still facing some problems then,

Go to start menu

Open control panel select thoroughly control panel items

Select devices connective printers

Now if you want to add a new printer tick on add a printer

No you will penetrate a window asking to add a regional printer or add a wireless, network oppositely Bluetooth printer.

Click next

Select you vehicle further manufacturer

Click on next

Again click next

And the brain will now automatically install your printer or if you are facing some printer troubles it will automatically update the drivers.

Sometimes it happens that the wizard doesn’t show your printer model number then in that case please update window. You can also update window from setup as it always press to update window while you are installing the printer.

Resolving printer problems

A lot of troubles accompanying wired printer can be solved by installing updates, changing ports, changing Ethernet cable or by updating drivers of your printer, if the problem persists

Check for print spooler services and ready them if they are not

To get to the print spooler services

Open run command

Type “services.msc” and then hit enter

Look print spooler

And then start the service.

If still you face problem with spooler service , again get away to services, open print spooler service, go to dependencies account and start the service of the components on which print spooler service depends.

Sometimes anti-virus programs also firewall running on the computer blocks access to printer, so take a look by facultative and disabling them.

Important note: if you are using a HP printer, then you get a better diagnostics tool for your HP printer, HP Print ampersand Scan doctor, just download and run this program and it will automatically fix almost all the issues.