Common Problems In Cosplay Make Up

Eyebrow: You need to clean your excess eyebow if you decide to trush your eyebrow. Applying yourself a basic shape — natural, mild or picking according to your face shape, areola shape, temperament, hobby and true on. Formerly using eyebrow pencil modify the whole effect, finally a eyebrow brush will adminicle you mild you make up uncover which will help your make up look more natural. You want to know, a beautifuol eyebrow can’t have the following sinister points: too thick, too short, too inaccessible along and too fold over. Both regarding your eyebrows should be in the same level. In a wor, natural is the best.

Eye Shadow: As we know, Eye shadow is a occurrence which help us highlight our eye architectonic — help you hold beautiful and attractive eyes. Using a example, you eyebrow should be homogenous a Sketch which will help you highlight your eyeball. So you need to pay alert to the following points when you are dedicate yourelf few eye shadow: in the blooming aspect which means color need to trasfer from dark color to light color and light color give to your skin edge (can’t have obvious boundary).

Eyeliner: It can help you precise your eye shape. It’s purpose function is help you elicit increase your eye defects. For example, your eyes fold away or too close. So it is wrong to draw eyeliner according to your hold eye shape which mode you need to imagine your face as a canvas and rouge two beautiful eyes using your own willing in the eye part.

The main point is help yourself become more beautiful and look more natural. A perfect comprise up will help you become more confidence in your cosplay party. If your make up is in a mess, your cosplay will also be in a mess. Yourself will feel uncomfortable and people who are watching your cosplay will also have a bad feeling.

For example, if you plan to do a Naruto Uzumaki cosplay in your coming Chriatmas party, you obligation to beget a same vivid Naruto Uzumaki cosplay formulate up which can serve you show out that you are cosplaying this anime character. Do you think so? So you need to know the face characteristice of Naruto Uzumaki (the anime ethos you will cosplay): has some cute beards on both side of his face; wear a nijia headband; yellow spicky short hair style; big blue eyes. Then you can prepare some make up tools for your Naruio Uzumaki cosplay which receptacle help you create a same vivid make up when this anime character.

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