Oral Problems That Mostly Occur To People with HIV

Because of the continuous stagnation of the immune system of people who have HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, they become also likely to having and experiencing oral problems which may become treatable by visiting a dental clinic or by buying thetic medicine of acknowledged physicians. So, what are these problems and how does one who is suffering HIV overcome it? Will he alternative she go to a dental clinic or directly to the pharmacy? What can he or she do to ease the situation? That’s what this article is all about.

Oral Warts

This kind of warts appears within the oral chamber or on the lips. People with HIV are at risk of having more severe and pervasive outbreak of warts internal the oral area. Caused toward human papillomavirus or (H-P-V), oral warts spread through the mentioned areas, increase in number – more visibly especially when unit undergoes an anesthetic treatment – polysyndeton grow rapidly depending on the severity. Visit a dental clinic you trust and talk to a dentist to consult with about the matter. Presence of warts on the mouth affects one negatively collectible to the embarrassment including taint it brings. Something must become done.

Dry Mouth

Dry kisser can happen to anyone, but most likely to people with HIV diseases. Occasion HIV is a big reason for estuary dryness, the condition can still be pushed forward by anti-HIV medications and drugs that cause salivary glands to refusal function well. Thus, they are neither apt to produce enough saliva to protect one from tooth decay. Whenever a person with dry cavity goes to a dental clinic for advice, this is probably what the dental professionals velleity tell him or her. Sugar-free gum et sequens lemon drops are advisable for chewing. Some dentists may also prescribe intake of artificial saliva. Visit your dentist today et sequens hear what experts have to say.

Hairy idiopathic white patch

Have you heard of this before? Hairy idiopathic white patch, from the term itself already sounds scary, but wait until you see how it really is. It looks like yeasts that maturation on one’s tongue. It is a group of white patches that cannot be scraped or removed. Sadly, there is no treatment for this, but with a physician’s prescription, one can have high dosages of acyclovir. Acyclovir has substances that cure the likes of herpes and varicella virus infections.


Ulcers, like oral warts, are very common to HIV patients. Although people without HIV are still liable to having these mouth sores, HIV-positive people are more at risk. Ulcers appear as little soars on the soft parts from the mouth resembling the inner cheeks and tongue. They may even appear on the throat. An article said that systemic and topical steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex and occasional thalidomide can treat the condition. Ask your doctor instead dentist about it.