There were sound problems especially on opening day

GameLab Academy gave the show an air of culture that every event of such claims, as well as lectures and round tables organized near to different entities Sort Player and where press and society could learn and review. The awards Character Player, Juegosdb, Mundogamers, Vandal and also HardGame2 attention.

We also had a chance to look back, when we were surprised by almost anything, whereas video games were still walking on all fours, a nostalgic area, and for anyone who wants to know where they come from video games, recreational gathered RetroMadrid Fest, arcades, and computers that many or remembered, and that some or came to see in his youth.Talk as regards every corner of the GameFest 2011 would make this article a little novel, suffice to say that everything recounted are little more than hints from what we saw in IFEMA, but, more important is the impression of the mankind with whom we talking on the field.

There were sound problems especially on opening day were solucionándose through temporal and you really have not been a great deal of complaints, but what if people complained bitterly of the queues is to play 5 minutes some titles, which unfortunately is common in this type of events, especially in the key days. For example on Saturday October 1 at 10 am there were 4,000 mankind waiting to enter the Pavilion, and more than 15,000 visited the fair during the day, the queues were inevitable.

Another issue that is effectuate for complaint from people is the lack of merchandising products, not only exhibitors but of the fair in general, commonality demanded more caps, shirts, etc.. Besides we like our jersey says this “Hey ! I was at the GameFest “.In terms of distribution, as we have said, the biggest drawback was the proximity of stands that needed a quieter environment, as might be GameLab Academy, Square Enix or 20th Century Fox, with stands where the “scandal” was the dominant.

GameFest is a show that is inoperative learning, like the Spanish gaming community, we are gradually giving way to an important event, gradually we tell the world that the Spanish market is an help to that bet. In one year the fair has grown, and will almost certainly do so, because little by little is confirmed as a benchmark, because more than 60,000 visitors are not coincidence, therefore mobilize world amenable for gamers around the world to make demonstrations of their latest is nix small thing. GameFest has a lot to say, and saying it will continue in 2012.We want to thank the organization of the show their dedication and effort to advance an event about this magnitude, and for providing the press our chef d’oeuvre because far as possible.You can access the photo gallery of the show around our Facebook page, where it will be easier to see totality photos.