Distance Learning: Promises and Problems

The concept of distance learning besides the beau ideal relationship it shares with emerging computer technologies have bot a bestowed a great contribution in the agrarian of education. Distance learning education also known as e- learning refers to a validated teaching including learning experience. An experience that is created remotely using electronic communication. This elating conception is less expensive and does refusal draw a constraint in terms of geographic considerations. Lately, it has gained popularity due to its nature and the unconventional opportunity it offers in situations where traditional learning does not seem feasible.

Some of the basic features being offered by such courses include:

* Voice- centered technology, such as CDs or MP3 recordings.
* Video technology, such when instructional videos, DVDs, and interactive videoconferencing.

This unique concept was at first detested, but it managed to fight its way back into the global market. Study and studies carried out upon the same suggest that the format of distance learning could be as effective equally its traditional equivalent. However, only if, the methods of teaching the students are appropriate, there is no alteration in the habitus of student- teacher interaction, and the teachers are available to resolve the doubts of the students and give timely feedback.


Distance Learning Education Programs assure to provide a learning experience with the mere quality of instruction, which strives at making the unexpurgated experience more superior than the traditional campus based programs. These courses guarantee an exclusive learning feel by flexibility and service from the student’s perspective with academic asperity.

The advent of original courses like these attempts towards meeting increased demands at a time, increasing accessibility for students, making use of technology to the optimum, connective making the process of higher education more cost- effective from the student’s point of view. The sole and the most fundamental assurance given by these courses is the convenience of time and space leveraging students to learn as and when cycle permits.


In spite of the numerous advantages and plus points offered by distance learning courses, there are a few shortcomings that can be listed. The difficult of obstacles that are caused is the sureness of the quality of instructions; underlying hidden costs, if any; misuse regarding technology at some given point; and last but certainly not the least, the attitudes from instructors, students and administrators. All these issues can be resolved. Earnest attempts in the right direction should be platonic to paraphernalia all these interrelated defects.


Despite the scope for improvement distance learning has a bright future to look forward to. The best example is the availability of Distance learning courses in India that is spread across all the metropolitans equal well because small cities in this ever- advancing country. Horizon education in Mumbai is individual of the most acclaimed courses in India that has evidenced to help numerous people in scaling high and scoring a job opportunity in any organization of their choice. In addition, Distance tutoring in Pune too has gained quality and popularity recently.